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Energy Saving Guidelines for your Commercial Property

Posted by Ohio Control Solutions on Dec 8, 2021 1:34:38 PM

Are you practicing energy efficiency for your commercial property?  A conservation plan can save significant amounts of money and everyone wants to save money. There are many effective techniques that can be applied, but one of the most effective is also one of the most basic: start with the equipment and devices that use energy and replace them with more efficient models.    

The following ideas are Energy Star guidelines for your commercial facility to reduce energy waste:

Operations and Maintenance
• Perform a nighttime audit to determine what is using energy during after hours that should not be.
• Conduct routine maintenance to ensure effective functioning of equipment and devices.
• Adjust janitorial practices to reduce hours for lighting.
• Conduct routine maintenance on heating and cooling systems to ensure efficiency throughout the year.
• Analyze the financial costs of a preventive program.
• Track and reward goals and improvements.
• Routinely inspect insulation on pipes, ducting, and equipment for damages.

• Use natural lighting to reduce artificial lighting expenses by 10 to 40 %.
• Maximize use of daylight.
• Implement task lighting as much as possible.
• Employ a routine lighting maintenance system.
• Remove unessential lighting in sufficiency lighted areas.

Office Equipment
• Activate power management capabilities on office equipment, such as computer
• Enable sleep mode on all devices
• Consolidate stand-alone devices to obtain a ratio of one device
• Use a smart power strip for multiple devices

Heating and Air Conditioning
• Adjust the thermostat appropriately during off hours and for the season.
• Maintain HVAC filters routinely to maximize efficiency.
• Prevent unnecessary heat gain.
• Calibrate thermostats appropriately.
• Clear vents of furniture and paper.
• Routinely clean the evaporator and the condenser coils on heat pumps, air conditioners, and chillers.
• Repair leaks and adjust pressure in compressed air systems.
• Repair steam trap leaks, and replace malfunctioning steam traps.
• Repair damaged insulation, and replace insulation with thickness as needed.
• Close exterior doors while operating HVAC.

Communication and Education
• Educate employees about daily activities that are affecting energy use.
• Reward energy-efficient behaviors.

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